Building a Sustainable Future with HSBC

Building a Sustainable Future with HSBC - Ocean Refresh

Ocean refresh is proud to present our partnership with international banking giant HSBC, to achieve a truly sustainable partnership!

Since its foundation in 1865, HSBC has adapted and helped to serve the needs of a changing world. It has financed economic growth, fostered international trade and overcome events such as economic crises. They recognise our wider commitments to the communities in which we operate and understand that economic growth must also be sustainable.

HSBC’s sustainable approach encompasses 3 predominant areas; sustainable finance; sustainable supply chains and employability and financial capability. Adopting the jaw approach, HSBC aims to be leaders in financing, managing and shaping the transition to a low-carbon world. They are also working to help customers reduce the environmental impact of their supply chairs and to aid small and medium-sized businesses as well as working to support local communities around the world – such as their long-running HSBC Water Programme.

Our CEO, Bernardo, met with HSBC to discuss Ocean Refreshes brand values and what it means to be a truly sustainable business…


What is Ocean refresh? 

Put simply, Ocean refresh is a flip flop made from Ocean waste. The reason we created this flip flop was to clean the plastic from our oceans and obviously create a truly sustainable product.


What does it mean to be a truly sustainable business? 

Bernardo explains that when he created Ocean Refresh, it wasn’t about the products. It was about the movement, the educational programmes, working with charities and educating the new generation about ocean plastic. That is why he created a sustainable brand. It’s about what we teach the future generations, how to shop and how to use the products they are buying, where it’s from, how it has been shipped and what transport has been used.


What’s the biggest challenge of being a sustainable brand? 

The greatest challenge is the order levels that they have to acquire when buying and supplying the products. In today’s world, we are so used to the fast fashion buying mechanism to buy in mass, which ultimately creates wastage – and mostly ends in landfills.

At Ocean Refresh, we started to work with smaller brands and farmers which were starting to supply a smaller level of products to us in a quicker turnaround, so that we could supply to our customers almost on a made to order basis.


How do you need to educate customers about sustainability? 

Sustainability, for us, and the client is that they will have to wait. No more buying it now and getting it tomorrow. To be truly sustainable, you will have to wait. Your order will have to be placed in a made to order fashion going forward and very minimum stock levels held in warehouses.


What advice would you give to other businesses? 

So the real question here is how are we sustainable and how could other businesses become sustainable?

I think there’s a lot more research that as company owners we have to do, in terms of sourcing the materials we are buying and how we run our offices. We need to think about what to do with the paper that we use. So it’s just a case of thinking about our everyday actions and what we can do to become more sustainable.

This can be as simple as analysing the water bottles we are drinking, the paper cups we use and the packaging we incorporate in our business ventures – which for me is very important. A little bit more time on business owners and how they source their raw materials is the most important.

Indeed, at Ocean Refresh, plastic waste and pollution is an area we want to combat. We work closely with an array of charities and providers whose main goal is sustainability. It would be easy for us to buy in bulk and make profit on selling to a large consumer base. However, this completely deviates from the company’s core ethos and values.

We make bespoke and 100% recyclable products made from the waste that deteriorates our shores, to provide customers with a beautiful product. It is fashion with a conscience. However, not only are our products eco-friendly, but they are fashion-forward too, with bright colours and textures to serve a variety of consumers – regardless of genders or ages. And, of course,  it always helps knowing you are buying and wearing something that is helping to save the planet!

Check out our online shop today and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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