Manchester Named the Greenest City in the UK

Manchester Named the Greenest City in the UK
A new study has found that Manchester is one of the cleanest cities in the UK. Japanese car manufacturer Honda, have named our city as the Greenest in Britain, taking into consideration a number of factors including recycling rates, attitude to the environment, commuting habits and more.

From going vegan to changing your commuting methods, living an eco-friendly lifestyle has become more accessible than ever and us Mancs are top of the pile. Residents in Manchester received the highest scores for eco-measures taken in each household, including those implemented by the government’s ECO and green deal schemes, with a notable 46% of residents saying they’ve limited their use of plastic (compared with the UK average of 37%).

Alongside Manchester at the top of the pile were Plymouth, Nottingham and Glasgow. The league table was compiled from household recycling data, domestic CO2 emissions and household eco measures. This was combined with survey responses from more than 2,000 UK adults asking about smart meters, commuting methods and their attitudes toward being more environmentally friendly.
  1. Manchester
  2. Plymouth
  3. Nottingham
  4. Glasgow
  5. Birmingham
  6. Cardiff
  7. Newcastle
  8. Bristol
  9. Southampton
  10. Liverpool

Head of Automobile at Honda UK, Rebecca Stead, said of the study:  “It’s important we all do what we can to take steps to help the environment and we want to champion those that are doing this. We hope this research will also encourage more people to do the same and take any step they can – big and small – to protect the planet.”

You can read the Britain's Greenest People study in full on the Honda website here.

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