Toxic ‘Sea Poison’ kills 95% of life on Russian seabed

Toxic ‘Sea Poison’ kills 95% of life on Russian seabed

A mystery Russian ‘sea poison’ is making locals sick and causing thousands of fish corpses to wash up on shore.  According to reports, surfers from the Kamchatka region have been suffering from blurred vision, nausea and fever for weeks, amongst other symptoms.

Greenpeace Russia is calling this an “ecological disaster”.

Kamchatka is an extremely remote area but is famous for its volcanoes and nature reserves.

Regional governor, Vladimir Solodov, admitted the sea around the Kamchatka peninsula may have been contaminated with toxic chemicals. In fact, when the water was tested they found levels of toxic phenol and petrol were over 4 times the safe amount.

However, where these substances have leaked from is still a mystery. “The source of this toxic substance remains unknown. We are carefully examining this information. The sea around the peninsula has not been affected,” Solodov explained.

Locals aren’t taking any chances, and experts claim that a number of them have already fled the region in the last few days.

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