Fly-tipping up 300% across Britain.

Eli Kasmir

In recent weeks, councils have reported a staggering 300% surge in fly-tipping across Britain. With most of the country in isolation, people have turned their ever so casual spring-cleans, into coronavirus quarantine clear-outs.

Families are stockpiling food, which then goes to waste, creating surplus amounts of leftovers, only to overflow their bins. Others, are using their spare time to attempt home and garden renovations, generating an abundance of rubbish and recycling.

Streets neighbouring charity shops have become swamped with piles of shoes, clothing and knick-knacks – irrespective of the fact that they remain shut. Whilst these prosocial behaviours usually benefit so many poverty-stricken individuals, as well as assisting in the fight against fast fashion. They are now polluting the environment and contributing towards it.

Piles of recycling and general rubbish lay uncollected at Tesco Extra Store in Wembley North London.
Tameside council of Greater Manchester shared images of mess on social media.


Not only does fly-tipping create unnecessary pollution, increase the labour of the council’s waste teams, and add cost of the taxpayer to clear it up. But, it’s a major public health issue, with growing concerns about animal infestation. People ought to be cleaner and more hygienic in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and that includes taking the appropriate responsibility for their household waste.

A whole host of items are being littered across the roads, with evidence of Christmas trees left over from December ditched as part of the fly-tipping offences.

Officials have revealed that this figure is set to get worse with many key tipping sites, and recycling centres due to remain closed, as well as reductions in kerbside collections across the country.

This doesn’t mean we can’t continue to do DIY garden renovations, or de-clutter our homes amidst the coronavirus quarantine. Rather, we need to be mindful of the strain it puts on communities and be considerate towards them as well. This is a time where people should all be pulling together and united as one, not being selfish and dumping waste at their convenience. There’s no point in ‘recycling’ if it never makes it to its’ proper final destination! And remember fly-tipping is never okay!