360° Program

upcycle then recycle

We're excited to introduce our 360° Programme, one of the first flip flop recycling initiatives in the UK. We take your old sandals and turn them into a new pair, giving new life to old products & diverting waste from landfill.

Why get involved?

An estimated 3 billion pairs of flip flops find their way into waterways and the ocean each year.

By taking the initiative to recycle your old pair of flip flops, you’re doing your part to help with this huge but solvable problem. It’s a small step that makes a big difference.

Designed to be recycled

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The Solution

With the 360° Programme we give our waste a second life — and give customers like you an easy way to recycle your old footwear. Simply send us your old Ocean Refresh flip flops and you'll earn credit toward your next purchase as a thank you.

1. Download

Download our shipping form and print it off at home.


2. post

Once the shipping form is complete, post it back with your already loved Ocean Refresh flip flops.

3. save

Once we have received your well loved flip flops we will email you a unique voucher code for 15% off your next Ocean Refresh purchase.

4. Collect

Once we have collected a significant number of flip flops we send them all to the factory in one load. This is for efficiency and to reduce our carbon footprint.

5. Recycle

As soon as the factory receive the flip flops, they grind them down in to small plastic pellets. These pellets are then melted to start our production process, making our unique noodle carpet.

6. Rebirth

The process is complete and a brand new pair of Ocean Refresh flip flops has been produced to be enjoyed again.