To free our oceans from plastic, one step at a time.

About Ocean Refresh

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to make our oceans cleaner. We do that by creating innovative footwear, from groundbreaking materials. Using the ocean plastic which is polluting our oceans and turning it into stylish and comfortable footwear.

We like to think of it as taking the problem, and using it to create the solution. We’re always looking for ways to make our products even more sustainable, whilst also helping the communities of those who live by the ocean.

We want to build a better planet and have a positive impact. Our shoes are the first step.

Our Promise

We are big in our ambitions. Global in our vision.

More than 640,000 tonnes ocean waste is dumped and discarded in the sea every year, and our promise is to do something about it. 

1 million plastic bottles were collected by 2021 and we promise to remove a further million by 2022. 

Every pair of shoes we make contain up to 12 plastic bottles and approximately 1kg of P.E.T, including ghost nets and plastic bottles.

Our Process

Route Brasil volunteer collecting ghost nets from the beach


Our team of volunteers, from our partner charities, collect and gather plastic directly from the ocean.


Ocean plastic is collected from charity depots, taken to the production unit and turned into a whole host of P.V.C. sheets in a range of brilliant and bright colours.

Ocean Refresh Flip flop made from recycled ocean plastic in blue


The material is cut into the various shapes you will recognise from us, and then assembled with our 100% recycled bottom soles and straps.


Blue Ocean Refresh Flip Flops

Our Practise

Everything we do is for a better tomorrow. From offsetting our carbon, to the materials we source - we believe it’s the small things which will make a big difference.

Our shoes are 100% vegan, and are fully recyclable. We source all our materials ethically and even assemble our products with water based glues.

We also donate a portion of our proceeds to the World Land Trust for planting trees in Amazonian Rain Forest. Helping us offset our carbon and become carbon negative.

Meet the Team

Bernardo Pedroso | CEO

Vivienne Fintz | Executive PA/Office Manager