Our Story


In 2019, our eyes were fully opened to the amount of destruction and devastation we are causing our planet by dumping toxic, non-biodegradable materials into our oceans. At least 8 million tons of plastic is put into our oceans every year, and if we do not clean up our act and stop the continuous pollution now, we are facing the possible extinction of so many incredible species and the disruption of the entire ecosystem. Ocean arose from our love for the sea and a desire to be part of the solution to this growing yet preventable problem.

Every pair of recycled Ocean flip-flops are ethically made using raw materials that forward-thinking companies have collected from large parts of the extensive Brazilian coast. When purchasing and wearing your Ocean flip-flops, you are not just buying another pair of shoes. You are part of a clean-up movement and greater initiative to save our oceans and the beautiful life within it. For each pair of flips flops sold, we donate a percentage to marine charities that help care for and maintain the cleanliness and well-being of our seas. But, we are not stopping there. The oceans are the life and soul of planet Earth and humankind. Making up almost three-quarters of our planet, they produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere and absorb even more carbon from it. That's why our sandals are just the catalyst for Ocean’s mission to give back. Our vision is to build a global leading foundation, in partnership with other organisations around the world, that works constantly to create clever, forward-thinking ways to cleanse our planet by eliminating the problem at the source.